Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 31
English Title: Pretty Baby☆Great Tumult!
Romanji Title: Puritī Beibī☆Daisōdō!
Kanji Title: プリティベイビィ☆大騒動!
Airdate: May 10, 2008
Directed by: Takenori Mihara
Written by: Tomoko Koyama
Preceeded by: Episode 030: Class Star VS Class Moon! Cheerleader Great Activity!
Followed by: Episode 032: Lonely Queen!


Yaya convinces the Guardians to hold a special meeting at her house. It turns out that Yaya just wanted the Guardians to help babysit her baby brother, Tsubasa, because she does not want to. Yaya is jealous of her brother because he always the center of attention instead of her and Amu encourages her to be a good big sister as she recognizes her role in it. When Utau becomes the suspect in the rise of X-Eggs, El interrupts the meetings. Amu tries to explain about El and her fourth egg, but Tsubasa begins to cry. Amu is the only one who knows how to take care of a baby. Yoru smells cookies from the house and tries to steal them, but Yaya uses Character Change to stop him. However, she almost destroys the living room in the process. Thankfully, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Clover and restores the room with Remake Honey. As the group is about to leave, Yaya discovers that Tsubasa is running a fever and become frantic. She rushes him to a doctor who gives Tsubasa some medicine to bring down the fever. Afterwards, the doctor complements Yaya for become a big sister. Later, Amu finally tells the Guardians about her egg. But instead of being mad at her recklessness, they all support her in retreating Dia.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori

Used Attacks

Amulet Clover
Yaya Yuiki


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