Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 28
English Title: Joker Disqualification? New Guardians Appear!
Romanji Title: Jōkā Shikkaku? Shin Gādian Tōjō!
Kanji Title: ジョーカー失格? 新ガーディアン登場!
Airdate: April 19, 2008
Directed by: Takashi Yoshimoto
Written by: Makoto Nakamura
Preceeded by: Episode 027: The Fourth Guardian Egg!
Followed by: Episode 029: Character Transformation!? Amulet Angel!


Amu tries to catch her X-Egg, however she literally bumps into El and takes El home for caring. The next day, the new Guardians are introduced. Rima is the new Queen's Chair and Kairi Sanjo is the new Jack's Chair. The new Guardians introduce themselves, but things starts off roughly and Amu is unable to tell anyone about the diamond egg. To deal with the rise in X-Eggs, Tadase decides that the other guardians will help Amu by splitting up into teams and search for them. Rima with Amu and the two eventually find an X-Egg, but Amu is unable to capture it. Rima and her Guardian Character, Kusu Kusu, Character Transform and become Clown Drop, but instead of purifying the egg, they destroy it. Amu becomes upset with Rima even though Rima does not understand why. Meanwhile, Ran and El talk about what happened between Eru and Utau.

Character Transformations

The Guardians

Rima Mashiro

Used Attacks

Clown Drop


  • First appearance of Rima's Character Transformation: Clown Drop; and her attack "Juggling Party".
  • It is also the First time Amu wore the Royal Cape.

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