Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 24
English Title: Sketch of Heart!
Romanji Title: Kokoro no Suketchi!
Kanji Title: 心のスケッチ!
Airdate: March 22, 2008
Directed by: Kenji Yasuda
Written by: Tomoko Koyama
Preceeded by: Episode 023: Remake Honey! My Would Be Self!
Followed by: Episode 025: Nadeshiko! Goodbye Despite Spring!?


Amu's class is assigned to draw a composition about their favorite place at school. Amu also learns that Yuu Nikaidou has returned to the school as an actual teacher. As she visits various locations around the school, Amu reflects back to the events since her Guardian Characters appeared. When Amu turns in her composition, it is of the other Guardians sitting around the table at the Royal Garden.

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