Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 18
English Title: The Delightful and Embarrassed First Date!
Romanji Title: Ureshi Hazukashi Hatsu Dēto!
Kanji Title: うれしはずかし初デート!
Airdate: February 09, 2008
Directed by: Hiromitsu Kanazawa
Written by: Kazuhiko Inukai
Preceeded by: Episode 017: The Breathtaking Speech Contest!
Followed by: Episode 019: Dad and Mom's Memories!


At the Royal Garden, Tadase is telling the Guardians that he checked up on Nikaidou, but tells them that everything on his resume turned out to be false. Kukai adds that he thinks Nikaidou stopped working there at Seiyo Academy also. Nadeshiko says that they finally found out that Nikaidou really was apart of Easter and that he wanted to turn people's heart's egg into X-Eggs. Yaya, looking angry, jumps up and says she couldn't believe he did what he wanted and got away with it. Amu smiles at Yaya's antics and looks down, thinking she was happy it wasn't Ikuto behind the X-Egg schemes. She looks surprised and blushes; wondering why she was thinking that. Nadeshiko notices the expression on Amu's face and asks her if anything was wrong, and Amu quickly shakes it off. Nadeshiko asks if she was sure, but Amu thinks back over to a time when she was telling Ikuto that she was going to fix all of the X-Eggs she thought he turned into X-Eggs with Yaya and Tadase behind her before Ikuto jumps away. The memory ending, she realizes that she hadn't seen him since then and looks up at the windows, wondering what he was doing.

As the Guardians are leaving the Royal Garden later in the day, Tadase asks if they had plans for Sunday and Kukai tells him they hadn't, so Yaya asks why and Tadase shows them five tickets. He tells them he got some free passes to the aquarium and Yaya gets excited, saying that the aquarium had just been built. Nadeshiko says she was excited because she had wanted to see it and Kukai says it was decided, but Tadase asks Amu if she was free like the others for she hadn't said anything. Ran, Miki, and Su pop up from behind her and say she was and she eagerly agrees, before stopping herself and moving away so her back was to the four and says that since they were going, she would go as well. Yaya smiles and says that Amu's famous "cool and spicy" self had just shown up to the amusement to the three other Guardians while Amu yells at Yaya asking her what she had meant by famous. Yaya tells her she loved it and Kukai concurs, saying he did, too, but Amu tells the two to shut up while Su tells Ran and Miki she was excited to see the aquarium.

On Sunday, Amu and her Guardian Characters are waiting at the bus stop. Ran says it was the perfect weather for visiting the aquarium and she, Miki, and Su sing "The aquarium! The aquarium! Our first time at the aquarium!" Amu smiles at them before looking away, though still smiling, and thinking there was something exciting about going to the aquarium with her friends and that she was excited. Someone calls to her and looking in the direction, she sees Tadase coming toward her. When he reaches her, he bids her a good morning and apologizes for making her wait, but she tells him it was okay for none of the others had arrived. He explains that before he left his house, he had gotten calls from the three: Nadeshiko apologizes to him because she had a dance practice she couldn't get out of like she thought she'd be able to, Yaya gives her apology, telling him she had to go out with family all of a sudden, and Kukai apologizes because he had a soccer match that came up unexpectedly. Tadase sums it up for Amu and tells her that the other couldn't make it, shocking Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su, though causing Tadase to smile. She tells him she had been looking forward to going, and her Guardian Characters say goodbye to the aquarium while Su also says goodbye to the dolphins. He tells Amu, who has her shoulders slumped, that they could go together and the bus arrives. On the bus, Tadase and Amu are sitting next to each other, Amu now realizing that she was alone with him and begins to freak out, so Ran tries to calm her down.

At the same time at Easter, on the roof, Utau is trying to wake up Ikuto, who has his back to her, and begins to shake him. He tells her not to because he was really sleepy, causing her to tell him that she had noticed him acting strange lately. She asks if it was because of Amu Hinamori and his eyes open slightly as he remembers the last time he saw her before they close again. Utau tries again, and asks if he was giving her the time of day because she had the lock that went with his key. Then she begins to ask, wondering if it was something else, but lets her sentence trail and stands up. Yoru flies over to the now standing Utau and asks if the key she was talking about was the one looped around Ikuto's violin case's handle. He asks her what the lock was and what was to happen if the lock and the key got together, but she tells him she had no idea before walking off. Yoru turns back to the key and laughs, saying he could have some fun with the lock and key. In an alley, Yoru holds up a crudely drawn picture of Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su with a headline of "wanted" and tells his cat friends that the girl was their target. He tells them to find her and they all meow in response, most likely meaning they were.

At the aquarium, while Tadase is looking at a pamphlet, Amu is dazed, her left eye twitching and her mouth open, saying she couldn't believe she was alone with Tadase, though Kiseki, Ran, Miki, and Su try to remind her that they were there was well before confirming she had forgotten about them, but Su only wonders where the dolphins were. She comes out of her daze when she hears someone laugh and sees a couple on a date and freaks out again, wondering if being alone with Tadase would be considered the same thing as a date. The words "Congratulations! First Date!" are shown in the background as Ran, Miki, and Su blow on horns, confetti coming out of the ends and Amu's eyes alight with sparkles and a huge smile shows up on her face. She asks God if it was okay for a wonderful development to happen to her.

She turns to look back at Tadase and sees he was still reading his pamphlet, but notices that his hair was silky, his eyes pretty, and overall, him being cute again. He looks at her and calls her name, she responding in a lovey dovey trance before she figures out what she had done and asking what he had wanted, him asking if they should go on and he begins to walk. Amu smiles, blushes, and agrees before running to catch up with him. When she reaches him, he smiles at her and she smiles back at him, Ran saying the mood was good. The two go to see a whale which Amu comments on it being big, and are looking at an otter before Su appears next to it. Amu yells at Su and Ran and Miki appear to get Su out of the tank. Tadase and Amu then go look at some fish and jellyfish prior to going to a penguin exhibit where a man allows Amu to feed some penguins. Amu smiles excitedly as the penguin eats the fish she fed it and behind her, Tadase also smiles.

They leave the exhibit and are in a hallway where Amu exclaims that everything was fun while her Guardian Characters say everything was cute; Su once again saying they should go see the dolphins. Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su turn to Tadase and Kiseki ands Amu asks what they should go see next. Suddenly, a spotlight shines on Amu, causing everything around her to freeze. She realizes that she was getting carried away, thinking Tadase would think she was childish since it wasn't like her. She pauses and remembers the moment when Tadase told Amu he liked Amulet Heart and wonders if she should just transform into Amulet Heart. She has a daydream where she was Amulet Heart and had met up with Tadase at the bus stop, causing him to smile and his eyes to become hearts. They walk away with smiles and are laughing, also holding hands, making the Amu dreaming this smile happily. That is, until she thinks about people would say about her dressed like that.

In the aquarium, Amu has her back to Tadase, her head down and her soul hanging out of her mouth, saying she couldn't turn into Amulet Heart for that purpose. Ran, Miki, Su, and Kiseki call out "hey" and Tadase, smiling, asks Amu if it was about time for her to come back to the world they were currently in. Her soul goes back into her mouth and she gasps before turning around. She apologizes and asks him if she was acting strange and was about to ask unlike her usual self, but Tadase cuts her off. He tells her he was happy she was having fun for it was the first time he had been alone with a girl like this. He says he didn't want things to be dull or boring because it was her and says because she was, but lets his sentence trail, though Amu was wondering if he was going to say because she was Amulet Heart. His gaze on her strange, Tadase tries to tell Amu something, she listening as were the Guardian Characters. Tadase's hand starts to come up toward Amu, but someone else's hand grabs it. Amu and Tadase turn to look at the person and see a little girl who blinks at them before smiling. Amu and Tadase are confused, so Amu asks the little girl who she was.

Back on Eater's roof, Ikuto stands up, and stretches before sighing. He looks down at his violin's case and sees something was missing and sighs again, closing his eyes. Yoru, with the Dumpty Key around his neck, is in front of the new aquarium. He congratulates his cat friends on their good work and gives them some catnip as a reward, to their appreciation. He flies off toward the entrance saying he couldn't wait until he saw what was going to happen.

Inside, the little girl that befriended Amu and Tadase is running ahead of them, but she turns around and tells Tadase, calling him "brother", to hurry up. Amu comments on the fact that the little girl took a liking to him, but Tadase tells her it was bothersome and wonders if she was lost. They catch up to her and see she was just staring at them. Amu asks what was the matter and the little girl asks if they were going out and asks Tadase if Amu was his girlfriend. Nervously, Tadase and Amu look at each other before turning back to the little kid and Tadase says they were just friends. Amu agrees that they were just friends, but repeats it and panics. The little girl hugs Tadase and tells him she was glad because she loved him. She looks at Amu and sticks her tongue out at her, causing Amu to freak out. Amu, shocked, is standing in front of the little girl with a line of electricity coming from her eyes to the girl and she calls her a brat. Kiseki, Miki, and Ran appear and Miki asks Amu why she was getting all worked up, and Kiseki agrees, calling it pathetic. Su, though, reminds them that they haven't gone to see the dolphins yet. Yoru, on the other hand, instead of finding Amu, gets distracted by some fish which he claims looks tasty.

The little girl calls Tadase cool, and he thanks her, but Amu looks mad and is thinking "Give me a break!" while the little girl goes on. She tells Tadase that that the morning, she had seen Nobuko Saeki's Lucky Colors Fortune-Telling and says that Saeki said that little girl's destined partner would be wearing a beige coat and black shoes, as Tadase was. She hugs him again and says he was her destined partner. Tadase, smiling, asks Amu what they should do next and she sighs, saying the little girl's parents must've been looking for her and that they should take the kid to the Lost Children Center. Looking at the girl, Amu sees she was looking very, very angry and wonders why. Suddenly, Amu and the little girl are on a high cliff with water and huge rocks below them, Amu being closer to the edge than the girl. Amu looks behind her and panics, so the little girl explains that Amu was the bad person who wanted to break Tadase and her up, but she says their love could stand through anything.

Back in the aquarium, the little girl smiles and walks off while Amu lets her head droop. Ran, Miki, and Su fly over tot her, calling her name. Still depressed, Amu doesn't look up and asks if it was time for the dolphin show, but Ran tells her it was something else and Miki and Su force her head up, making Amu see an X-Egg floating in the air. She asks Tadase what they should do and the little girl asks them what was wrong, though they don't answer her. The X-Egg flies off, so Tadase says they should catch it and tries to run after it, but the little girl grabs his coat and tells him not to go; here, Tadase addresses her as Chisa. Amu tells Tadase that she would handle it and that he should look after Chisa and she runs off, both Tadase and Chisa watching her go.

Outside, Yoru is following an employee who is carrying a bucket full of fish and says they look tasty when the X-Egg goes by before Amu comes by them after it. Yoru says he found Amu, while Su tells Amu she should Character Transform, but Amu says she couldn't with so many people around, so Ran says she should Character Change, Amu concurring as she could do that without so many people noticing and she Character Changes with Ran to hop, step, and jump. The X-Egg notices her catching up to it and it panics, flying off faster. Amu touches down to the ground to grab a net before hopping back in the air; Su calling out that they were just going to borrow it. Amu tries to catch it in the net, but is unsuccessful and the X-Egg notices this and makes some noise: Miki saying she felt as if it was making fun off them. Amu gets mad and runs toward it with the net, but Yoru comes in front of her and calls her name and she tells him to watch out, but they both put their hands on the heads saying "ow".

She asks Yoru why he was there and looks around, wondering if Ikuto was around somewhere, too. Yoru, smiling with a bump on his head, says Ikuto wasn't there and says he was a stray cat character who loved his freedom. Ran tells him to stop trying to look cool, but Miki, with a light blush, says he was kind of cool, shocking Ran. Yoru notices this and asks if she had been overcome by his charm before the X-Egg knocks into him, causing Yoru to fly over to Amu who catches him. She asks if he was okay and he says he was. Pulling him closer to her face a little, Amu notices the key around his neck. Yoru comes to and says that the key was the one that could open her lock. She repeats what he said and looks at the key, calling it pretty. She opens her hip bag and pulls out the Humpty Lock and when Yoru comes closer with the key, Miki says that their designs looked alike while Su says they went together. Yoru tells them he would open the lock and moves the key toward the hole on the lock, but before he could, the X-Egg gets mad, Su the only seeing it and begins to scream. The others look up and the X-Egg swoops toward them, ransacking them while they try to dodge it.

The X-Egg stops and flies off, so Amu asks what was wrong, Miki thinking it was mad because they were ignoring it. Yoru glances down at his neck and sees the key was gone and, looking at the X-Egg, they see the key around it. Yoru panics and tears stream down his face, he saying Ikuto was going to be mad. Amu hears this and asks if it was Ikuto's and wonders what Ikuto was doing with the key that opened her lock. Ran calls to Amu and she looks up, seeing the X-Egg coming at her very fast. Amu panics and tells it to hold on for it had caught her by surprise. The X-Egg misses her, though, for Ikuto shows up and picks her up, moving her away from its attack, so the X-Egg flies off again. When he places her back on the ground, Yoru comes over to Ikuto. Ikuto gives Yoru his punishment for taking off with the Dumpty Key: a flick in the face with his finger. He then tells Yoru he would get the key back and Character Changes before jumping off. Amu watches him and asks herself if Ikuto had just saved her, but her Guardian Characters tell her she should go, too, so she unlocks her heart and becomes Amulet Heart.

The X-Egg sees that Ikuto and Yoru were catching up to it, so it flies up to the roof of the building, them following. Amu, Miki, and Su appear next to them and Amu gives Ikuto a smile. On the roof, Amu says that no one would notice her Character Transformation from way up there and Miki and Su both give a thumps up. To Ikuto, Amu asks if he was going to get the key back and that she would help him, but he asks why for he thought she hated him. Amu gets confused, but remembers when she had told him she hated him and freaks out, saying that back then, but she stops herself and calms down. She says he was right, that she did hate him, so she was only helping him for saving her earlier because she would have no other reason to otherwise. Ikuto doesn't respond, causing Amu to look at him angrily before she yells out that she really did hate him, Ikuto only looking amused at her little outburst. He tells her it didn't matter and that they should hurry before the X-Egg got away, as that was what it was trying to do behind Amu's back. Amu turns to look at it and says she forgot, making the X-Egg angry again.

In the aquarium, Tadase is asking Chisa if her parents were there and she lets go of his hand before walking forward some. She turns to him, mad, and tells him not to mention her parents because she didn't need them anymore, shocking Tadase. She goes on, turning from him with tears in the corners of her eyes and says that as long as he was with her, everything was fine. Her expression changes to happy and she tells him that hey should go live by themselves in a far-off city, causing Kiseki to appear and tell her to hold on.

Back on the roof of the aquarium, Amu is chasing after the X-Egg, telling it she wouldn't let it get away again. She manages to catch up to it in the air and makes a grab for it, but it dodges. She tries again and aagin, but each time it got away before it flies off to a nearby building. Amu gets mad again, saying it wouldn't stop moving, Su telling her to stay calm. A cat's paw comes toward the X-Egg, but it dodges that, also. Amu looks back at Ikuto and Yoru comes to her, saying that Ikuto would distract it so Amu could get it. Amu tells him she understood, so Ikuto sends multiple cat paws in the X-Egg's direction, but again it dodges them all. Ran tells Amu they should act now because the X-Egg was paying no attention to them and Amu agrees before summoning Amulet Heart's Heart Rod and using her attack, Spiral Heart. With the X-Egg trapped in place, Amu locks onto the negative heart and uses Open Heart, purifying the X-Egg. Amu lands on the rooftop and Ran comes out of the Character Transformation. Now a heart's egg, it shakes the key off and flies away.

The key begins to fall, so Amu runs toward it, saying she had it and catches it, her Guardian Characters saying nice catch. The bad thing is that she ran toward the edge of the roof to catch it and begins to fall, her Guardian Characters saying "what?" Amu panics, her arms moving up and down and she's screaming, but Ikuto grabs her wrist and some of her arm to stop her, but he begins to fall off, too. Ran, Miki, and Su cry out Amu's name while Yoru yells out Ikuto's. Ikuto grabs onto Amu who shut her eyes, and front flips before landing on the ground on his knees, Amu still in his arms. She opens her eyes and jumps out of his arms, telling him not to scare her like that. He smiles, lets go of his Character Change, and walks off, but not before he thanks her, holding up the Dumpty Key.

She stops him and asks if what Yoru had said was true, that being if the key could open the lock. She then asks what the lock was and why he had the key that opened it. He tells her he didn't know, making her angry and she says that the least he could do was tells her the truth. Amu says that he was always like this, not telling him the important stuff and asks why he didn't tell her he wasn't the one turning heart's eggs into X-Eggs. He asks her who cared about that and she said she did before running toward him, but he was quicker, grabbing her right wrist with his left hand. Looking at her, he asks if she was going to thank him for jumping down to save her. She starts off saying who would thank, but her sentence trails off as she averts her eyes and thinks about what the feeling she was going through was. He says "Dumpty Key" causing her to look at him again, so he tells her it was the key to her Humpty Lock. She asks if the key and lock went together, but someone from behind calls out to her.

Tadase sees them, making Ikuto drop Amu's wrist and hop back. Tadase runs in front of Amu and asks if she was okay and she says she was. Tadase turns his attention back to Ikuto; Ikuto saying he was looking well and calling him little king. Tadase ignores that and tells Ikuto that he was after the lock again. Ikuto turns and walks off, Tadase saying after him that they were never going to give the Humpty Lock to him and that he was going to protect it. This causes Ikuto to stop walking and call Tadase adorable, so Tadase tells him to shut up, but Ikuto goes on saying that the lock might not be the only thing he was after. Amu looks confused at this while Tadase still looks mad and before he could say something, Ikuto jumps up and onto a streetlamp, having Character Changed again. Yoru flies next to him and Ikuto says "See you later" to Amu, catching her off guard. Tadase tries to stop Ikuto, but he already jumped away.

Amu asks about Chisa and Tadase tells her he ended up finding her parents, but it was a little hard to leave her because she had jumped on him and started crying. He tells Amu that he finally calmed her down when he promised to go on a date with her. Amu looks away and calls Chisa a little imp before Ran comes toward her and says that since they took care of the X-Egg, and Miki finishes the rest of the sentence: they should go see the rest of the aquarium. Su tells them that they should hurry before the dolphin show began and Amu, in her head, agrees, saying she couldn't lose to Chisa and that she had to enjoy her first date as much as she could. Amu's Guardian Characters fly forward and tell her to hurry and she runs after them before turning to Tadase and telling him they should go. Tadase looks a little surprised because he had just seen Amu for who she was and not Amulet Heart and she begins to run off. Kiseki asks Tadase if something was wrong because he still had the look of surprise on his face, but Tadase tells him nothing was, the little blush that appeared on his face disappearing.

Tadase then begins to walk after Amu, but someone grabs his hand and he and Kiseki turn around to find Chisa. Tadase is surprised again while Kiseki looks somewhat mad and Amu appears again, also surprised. She tells him that she just couldn't leave him, calling him by his name, shocking Amu even more since she called him by name. Chisa gives Amu a look, making Amu faint, her soul coming out of her mouth, saying she gave up for she had been defeated. Ran, Miki, and Su tell her to hang in there while Chisa is happily hugging Tadase, saying as long as she had him, she needed nothing else. And, like before, Su is saying they had to hurry because the dolphins were going to get away.

Character Transformations

The Guardians

Amu Hinamori

Used Attacks

Amulet Heart

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