Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 14
English Title: Shugo Chara at the Ski Slope!? Snoppe Appears!
Romanji Title: Gerende ni Shugo Kyara!? Sunoppe Tōjō!
Kanji Title: ゲレンデにしゅごキャラ!? スノッペ登場!
Airdate: January 12, 2008
Directed by: Kazunobu Shimizu
Written by: Makoto Nakamura
Preceeded by: Episode 013: Big Disturbance! New Year Live!
Followed by: Episode 015: The Battle at the Snowfield! Save Snoppe!


The fifth and sixth graders are being taught how to snowboard by a top snowboarder in Japan, 11-year-old Mifuyu Torii. Amu's Guardian Characters detect that Mifuyu is about to create a powerful heart's egg, also doesn't go unnoticed by Nikaidou. That evening, Mifuyu is about to compete in the preliminaries for a snowboarding competition, however, she becomes scared. When Mifuyu wishes to become brave and break her habit of becoming frightened before competing, her Guardian Egg appears and Snoppe hatches from it. With Snoppe's help, Mifuyu is able to compete calmly in the preliminaries. Nikaidou sees Snoppe and realizes that Guardian Characters are born from powerful heart's eggs. Attempting to harness that power, he confronts Mifuyu and causes her to begin to doubt herself. These negative emotions cause Snoppe to turn into an X-Egg and Nikaidou quietly makes off with it.

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