Chisa is the minor character of the Shugo Chara! series, appearing in one episode. Chisa pretends to be warm and kind to Tadase, but was rude and strict to Amu. She fell in love with Tadase, because on TV Nobuko Saeki's fortune betraying said a person with black shoes and beige coat is the one fate to meet Chisa.


She is maybe 6-7 years old kid, who fell in love with Tadase Hotori, and dislike Amu, because she thinks Amu is her love rival. Her debut is in one episode. After Tadase returns Chisa back to her parents, Chisa is able to keep following Tadase, which Amu creates a mishap on herself.


Chisa is only presented to have light brown hair that is styled into neck-length twintails. Her eyes represent a hazel color, and she sports a pink coat in her debut.


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