Series: Shugo Chara!
Volume: 8
Chapter: Chapter 34
Previous chapter: Chapter 33
Next chapter: Chapter 35
Episodes based at this chapter: Episode 92, Episode 98


In order of appearance:


As the Guardians say their farewells and thanks to Nobuko Saeki, Nagihiko is stopped and asked by her if he was the same person as Nadeshiko. When she gets him to admit it, he doesn't know that a suspicious Rima was eavesdropping, thus when climbing up the stairs, he offers her his hand, but she calls him a liar.

Rima tells him she doesn't want help from a liar, and tells him what she heard. He asks her to keep his secret a little longer.

However, when they get to the next floor, there is a girl surrounded by a bunch of X Eggs. Rima stays behind to handle them, while the others worry. Nagihiko stays with her.

When battling the eggs, Nagihiko tells Rima why he is keeping the secret. The X Eggs hatch into charas, and it turns out to be a basketball duel, Nagihiko's favorite sport.

Nagi remembers the sensation of liking basketball as a kid like a boy, and thus, his new egg hatches into a chara named Rhythm.

They transform into Beat Jumper and perform an attack called Beat Dunk. The X Character becomes depressed, saying that it's pathetic how she can't throw like a boy. Nagihiko realizes that it doesn't matter what gender you are- it depends on how much art you put into your throw, thus Temari re-hatches, and Nagihiko performs his second character transformation: Yamato Maihime. Together with Rima, they perform an attack called Queen's Waltz, which purifies the X Eggs.

Kusu Kusu and Rima celebrate the fact that they can purify X Eggs, with Rima stating that it's not her power only, and smiles at Nagihiko.

On the other hand, Yaya, Amu, and Tadase are confronted by a giant wolf-like creature. What could this mean?

Character Transformation

Rima Mashiro
Nagihiko Fujisaki

Used Attacks

Clown Drop
Beat Jumper
Yamato Maihime
Clown Drop


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