Series: Shugo Chara!
Volume: 6
Chapter: Chapter 25
Previous chapter: Chapter 24
Next chapter: Chapter 26
Episodes based at this chapter: Episode 41


In order of appearance:


Iru starts getting irritated because Utau only becomme character with Dia. Guardiangs confront Easter at Bay. Tadase hold off Ikuto while Angelic Amu confront Lunatic Charm Utau. Iru change side to Amu then fight againt Dia-Utau.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Yaya Yuiki
Rima Mashiro
Tadase Hotori
Kairi Sanjo
Utau Hoshina
Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Used Attacks

Lunatic Charm
Amulet Angel
Black Lynx
Dear Baby
Clown Drop
Dark Jewel
Amulet Devil


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