Cecil (Seshiru) is the Guardian Character of model Yua Sakurai. She appears in Episodes 85 and 86.



Cecil 2


Cecil has short, blond hair with a fringe and crystal blue eyes. She is rarely seen without a cordless microphone in her hand. A scarf of piano keys is around her neck, she wears a white dress and white boots, and an orange beret with a music note on her head. 


As a ?-character, she wears a black beanie, and her dress and shoes are red and black, respectively. Her scarf is a simple, red scarf. Like Dia when she was an X-Character, her eyes become hollow and a darker blue, and her hair becomes bleach blond. There is a pin in the shape of a question mark on her beanie. She also holds a microphone, but with a stand and the cord in the shape of a question mark.
Evil cecil

? Cecil


Cecil is an optimistic and musical character. She always tends to think of a song off the bat, when people mentioned stuff she would announce that she woluld sing it "Now I'll sing..."

Special Powers

Like any other Guardian Character, Cecil possesses the power to Character Change with Yua, but never used it on-screen.

After Lulu De Morcerf hypnotized Yua, Cecil became a ?-Character. She had an attack called "Dark Storm" & "Dark Desert" in which she sang badly to stun Amu Hinamori, Yaya Yuiki, and their Guardian Characters.

Confusion Character Change

When Yua was trying to decide whether to sing or not, Lulu De Morcerf senced her and hyponotized Yua turning Cecil's Egg into a  Mystery Egg. Cecil became a ?-character and she performed a confusion Character Change, removing any and all music in the city.

Confusion Character Transformation

Bad Singer Dream

Amu and Yaya eventually find Yua and she performs a Confusion Character Transformation, becoming Bad Singer Dream. She used a music note to absorb any music-based attacks thrown at her, and sends them back to her opponents. The only thing that worked against the attack was Angel Cradle. After reminding Yua that she will listen to her when she sings, a flashback helps Cecil regain her senses. Amu performs Open Heart, curing them both.

Character Transformation

Wonderful Singer

In the video game Shugo Chara! Norinori! Chara-Nari Zoom, Yua Sakurai can Character Transform with Cecil, becoming Wonderful Singer. This represents her passion for singing.



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