This is page of Ikuto with Amu, but the real page is of Amuto. In Shugo Chara, Ikuto has far more than a suggested romance with Amu. He and Amu have a love-hate relationship kind of thing going. These two together create Amuto (Amu has Amu in it, and Ikuto has the Uto. Amu-Uto) which happens to be a strong fan favorite.In episodes 99-100, Ikuto wants to be nice and sweet, but he has to follow orders from the Easter director or he will hurt the ones Ikuto loves.

The portrade relationship of Amu and Tadase is another shipping. So if you want to see Amu with Tadase look up the name of Tadamu (Tadase has the Tada part and Amu has the Amu). Thank you for your search of Ikuto and Amu.

How do you feel about Amuto? Take this quiz and put your name and your answers at the end when you edit!

Do you think blue and pink go together well?

A. Yes!

sweet amuto moment

B. Kinda...

What are you like?

A. Really Energetic!

B. I am shy and want to change.

How would you feel if Tadamu kissed?

A. Angry cause Amu should get Ikuto.

B. Shocked!

How would you feel if Amuto kissed?

A. Happy but what about Tadase?

B.Amu and Ikuto are great together

C. Great that Tadase lost.

Answers: A B A C

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