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Ami Hinamori
Ami Hinamori
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Ami Hinamori (日奈森 亜実, Hinamori Ami) is Amu's little sister.


Ami is innocent and pure-hearted so she can see Guardian Characters, despite the fact that she doesn't have one. Unlike Amu, Ami's mother dresses her in "Sweet Lolita" clothing. She is a fan of Utau Hoshina, and is seen most of the time trying to sing Utau's songs. Though sometimes a handful, she looks up to her sister very much.

She is present during Amu and Utau's confrontation, and plays a part in helping Utau remember what motivated her to become a singer in the first place.

Sometimes, when Amu went to hang out, Ami plays 'Investigation Game' with Ran, Miki, and Su.


  • Name: Ami Hinamori
  • Birthday: March 21
  • Blood Type: O
  • Sign: Aries
  • Age: 3-5 years old

Powers and abilities

Despite the fact that she lacks a Guardian Character, she can see them very easily due to her pure heart.

Voice Actress



  • Ami always calls the Guardian Characters Shugoi Chara, meaning "Super Characters".
  • She also calls them 'Dollies', despite their protests.
  • Ami's name (a) means 'Second or 'Asia' while (mi) means 'Beautiful'.
  • Many times she has almost seen Ikuto in Amu's room.
  • In the anime and a sidestory of the manga, Ami asked her parents to buy her a dollhouse so she could give it to Amu's Guardian Characters. (This being only to put makeup on the Guardian Characters as they sleep.)

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